Q: Is the restoration and polishing of Marble a dusty and messy process?

A: The restoration of Marble and other natural stones can be a messy process. However, here at Marble Pros we use a wet method (Water) to prevent any dust as we like to secure a clean environment at your property while restoring the floor. And the only thing we want to leave behind is the enjoyment of you as a client when you see the beautiful finish we leave on your floor.

Q: Is the furniture moved while polishing or working on the floor section?

A: We do need to shift the furniture around we do not move furniture that require disassembling.  Upon the arrival of our technicians the first thing they will do is put a plan together to move the furniture (Tables, sofas, couches, etc.…) around always being very careful with how they treat the furniture. Our team members will capture the actual layout of the furniture to put it back at the right place after the work is completed however, we often do require for small items/artifacts (knick, knack) to be move somewhere safe prior to our team arrival.

Q: Can I have an immediate estimate for the work I require? Is there a charge for the estimate? Will it fit my budget? How soon can I have the work done?

A:  Here are Marble Pros, we can provide you a quote within the same week you call in with your request. Our consultation is always FREE of charge no job is to big or to small we will always honor our FREE of charge estimate policy. Our prices are competitive and we can always try to work something out with our clients of course depending on the magnitude of the work that is require as each project is different. We are able to accommodate to our clients’ needs therefore, if the work is required for the same week we will work to the best of our abilities to make arrangements and book the service date for the same week.

Q:  Will my floor require maintenance after the work is done? Do you offer maintenance plans?

A: Yes, your floor will need maintenance after the work is completed. Therefore, our floor consultant will suggest you to perform maintenance to the floor depending on the stone you have in order to keep it in good shape and shiny instead of waiting for long period of time to treat it which will lead you to have to do the full restoration process again. Yes, we do offer maintenance plans it all depends on the heaviest traffic areas of the properties which is where we always suggest to do the maintenance.

Q: Will the sealer stain proof my natural stone?

A: During the process of restoration we will seal the floor. Marble and other natural stones can get affected by acidic substances like orange juice, wine, vinegar etc.… which can result in dullness and blemishes to the stone. Keep in mind the sealer is an extra layer of protection/barricade against stains which helps keep moisture and stains from penetrating but it will not be stain proof.

Q: Can I maintain the beauty of my floor with simple techniques?

A: Yes, you can. Our team members will advise you on a daily cleaning routine with a non- acidic cleaner that can be use regularly to ensure the continued longevity of sheen of your stone floors and counters. All in all, always try to keep away from acidic cleaning agents.